Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime At Sea World When Dolphin Steals Her iPad

It definitely isn’t every day that you see someone be mugged by a marine animal.  A woman at SeaWorld in Orlando Florida decided that it was a good idea to hang her iPad over over the edge of the dolphin tank to take pictures of the playful sea creatures. Too bad the thieving dolphins head other plans for her.

A large dolphin saw right up to the edge of the tank, and poked his head out long enough to snatch the woman’s iPad. The best part is, someone captured the entire debacle on their phone and shared it with the world!

Kuadiel Gomez caught the thief red flippered! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Gomez started recording just in time to record the curious dolphin poking his head about the enclosure. Within just a few moments, the iPad is in the dolphin’s mouth and  laughter erupts form the crowd of onlookers. A few moments later the iPad adorned in a pink case is seen floating in the animal’s tank as its owner fishes it out as quickly as possible.

The entire scene takes place is less than 30 seconds, but the damage is done. We all know Applecare doesn’t cover drowning by dolphin.

Ironically last year SeaWorld visitors were banned from feeding dolphins. Guests used to be able to purchase $7 trays of fish in order to lure the mammals over to the side of their enclosure to interact with and snap pictures of the animals. Turns out, the dolphins just developed either a desire to protest the lack of fish, or have acquired a taste for the finer things in life, like Apple gadgets.