Nerd Alert! This Wax Will Prevent Your Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose

Do you have trouble getting your glasses to stay perched atop your nose? Look no further than the hottest thing to jump out of your TV on onto your Amazon wishlist. Everyone rejoice because a Shark Tank product called Nerdwax is here to save your spectacles from slipping off your schnoz.

Nerdwax acts like invisible grippy socks for your for your glasses. Just give the area of your glasses that sit on your sniffer a little Nerdwax rub down and presto, your glasses will stay put! Nerdwax works by creating some friction between your nose and your glasses.

Worried about slathering harsh chemicals all over your face and fancy specs? Don’t be. Nerdwax is made from all natural and certified organic ingredients, like beeswax. According to Nerdwax, a single application can last for several hours, and a tube (looks like chapstick) can last anywhere from 6 to 8 months!
Nerdwax is only $10 per tube on Amazon, and it is available for Prime shipping, because waiting more than 2 days is lame. Reviews are a look a little mixed but rubbing a bit of beeswax on your specs is definitely way cooler than rocking those outdated elastic straps.