Couple Pulls Off Incredible Acro Yoga Routine Throughout Beautiful Sights Of Spain

Nowadays, everyone and their grandmother is practicing yoga. Parents, teachers and even hairdressers do yoga as a way to stay in shape, find peace of mind, and stay nimble and flexible with age. It’s a relaxing, moderate workout. that Americans have embracingly adopted. 

Acro yoga, however, is a whole different animal. The name comes from a combination of acrobatics and yoga, and it’s just as crazy and difficult as it sounds.

Usually, it’s performed by two very strong and flexible partners, and we mean strongThis is proven by the couple in this video, a team known as Acro Yoga Thai who filmed their gorgeous routine in several idyllic and beautiful Spanish locations.

As you can seen, they have complete and total trust in one another, taking turns supporting each other and flipping gracefully in the air, a grace made all the more impressive by the fact that it requires all of the muscle groups in their bodies. Just look at her abs when she nonchalantly turns in the air above his body!

Acro Yoga Thai is extremely talented and hardworking, and their video definitely deserves a watch, all the way to the adorable end! Sign me up!