Couple Climbs The Highest Construction Site In The World To Get Incredible Footage

As people’s lives become more and more boxed in and civilized and safe, the industries for extreme sports and thrill-seeking activities grows every year. Russian couple Angela Nikolau and Ivan Beerkus are no strangers to these kinds of activities.

Angela is a self-taught photographer and an avid thrill-seeker, preferring climbing and height-based activities the most. She’s taken pictures standing, sitting, and even dangling over some of the most extreme heights in the world.

Recently, Angela and Ivan faced their greatest challenge yet. The travel website Travel Ticker sent them to Tianjin, China, to climb the world’s tallest crane, a rickety piece of equipment sitting on top of the half built future Goldin Finance 117 building.

Looking up at the building, they can barely see the top of it; it literally disappears into the classic Chinese urban smog high above Tianjin. They begin their climb in the dark of the early morning, with a cameraman following them up the building. However, when they step out onto the crane to begin the real adventure, the video comes totally from the go-pros strapped to their heads and chests.

Can you blame the cameraman for being unwilling to follow them? After all, they’re not even wearing harnesses!

Check out the video below for Angela and Ivan’s full trek up the tallest crane in the world. We should warn you though, for those who easily get vertigo or have a fear of heights, the video is not easy to watch. They are hanging in the air from an open crane at an angle from the Goldin Finance 117 building, and directly below them is nothing but empty air. Gives us goosebumps just thinking about it!