Man Was Asked To Be A Job Reference To A Perfect Stranger And He Delivers

Solid references are usually a requirement to land that dream job. Depending on how well a job interview went, references can be the defining factor. Employers have heard what you have to say about yourself now they want to know what other people have to say about you. References are usually people you’ve known for years, whether friends, teachers or previous employers. But in Tim Barnard’s case, a perfect stranger was willing to vouch for him as a reference.

Hamish & Andy” is a duo is known for it’s pranks played on complete strangers. In their most recent stunt, Hamish dialed a random number and James Lord, electrician from Melbourne, picked up. The host posed as “Tim Barnard,” a man needing a reference for an accounting job.

Source: Hamish and Andy

Hamish couldn’t have gotten a better person on the other line. He explained to Lord that he didn’t  was getting ready to go into an interview at an accounting firm and needed one more reference to complete his list. “I’ve written down a random number and called to to see if it’s a real thing,” he explained. Lord, shockingly, is gracious enough to play along and assured Harnish he would give him a good reference.

Ten minutes later, Andy calls him posing as the interviewer needing to ask question about Barnard. Lord delivers on his promise giving him a great reference giving the a detailed reference, even speaking to Barnard’s character and achievements. “He’s a go getter and when he says things are going to be done they get done,” he explained.

What a great guy? Since the show has aired Lord has been regarded as the “best bloke in Australia.”