Hero Or Villain? Man Walks Up To Tourists With Branch Cutter And Destroys Their Selfie Sticks

If you’ve been to any sort of hot tourist spot lately, there’s one sight that every tourist trap has in common these days: gawkers with outstretched selfie sticks. In a way, selfie sticks aren’t as bad as everyone thinks they are. For one, it has certainly upped the quality of many of the selfies you see on your Facebook with less weird angles and super up close face shots. On the other hand, selfie sticks encourage tourists to take photos from spots that are inappropriate or even dangerous.

One NYC man, Buddy Bolton, is taking the destiny of selfie sticks into his own vigilante hands. Bolton has been running around NYC clipping tourists selfie sticks in order to stop a trend he sees a pestilence plaguing the Big Apple. His videos and photos have been going viral across the internet with mixed reviews. While the videos themselves are mildly funny just due to the element of surprise of what he’s actually doing. He’s also destroying someone’s personal property that they spent their hard earned money on. As he clips the selfie sticks, the unsuspecting victim also has to watch as their precious smartphone tumbles to ground.

Hopefully Bolton’s victims all have phone insurance, or he may be asked to pony up for a couple new iPhones in the near future!