The Most Incedible Entries From The 2016 National Beard And Mustache Competition

Is it just us or is facial hair becoming more and more crazy with every passing year? The lumberjack look is definitely here to stay, but we’ve also been noticing extravagant beard art that redefines the classic whiskers.

Nashville, Tennessee played host to the National Beard and Mustache Competition, and the results are startling, shapely, and involve a shocking amount of glitter! Nashville, being the country music capitol of the world, is no stranger to flowing facial hair, but the following ten men were probably stared at by more than a few people on the streets.

While some of the men just went with an impeccably groomed classic look, others decided to make masterpieces from their sweet ‘staches.

The first one is incredible! At first we were horrified that we couldn’t find his mouth, and then as our eyes adjusted a kind of grotesque fascination took over. He must have combed his beard over his nose and upper lip and out into the beak shape… what crazy dedication! We bet he didn’t eat anything all day!

Or how about the man with the Dali-esque mustache who look the competition a step further and shaved the image of Salvador Dali into the back of his head! Yikes! We hope he’s a huge fan, cuz that isn’t going anywhere!

One of the older contestants also liked the idea of a theme and dressed as a sort of silvery-nature god, complete with a crown of silver ivory and a star shaped beard painted with silver glitter! We’d hate to have to wash out all that glitter from his sheets in the coming weeks!

All in all, the competition this year was fierce, but Mr. Birdman in the first image took home the grand prize! Check out the rest of the beards in the pictures below.