Kids Attempt To Explain Where Babies Come From On Jimmy Kimmel And It’s Pure Gold

For just one second, try to imagine how you were as a very young child. Now ask your young child self this question: where do babies come from? As adults, we all very much know the answer to this question. In fact, maybe you’ve even made a baby yourself! Children, however, often little babes themselves, have a pretty tenuous grasp on the answer to this question.

Late night talk show how Jimmy Kimmel recently took to the streets of Hollywood for a sketch in his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to get to the bottom of just what kids think about baby-making. Watch as the show interviews kids on the street, asking them where babies come from. The answers these kids give are both hilarious and adorable.

While some of the kids interviewed have some basic ideas of where babies come from (“Ladies’ tummies,” says one little girl), others actually more or less know the answer, but get too embarrassed to say.

A handful of the kids understand that both mommy and daddy are involved in the process, but just not quite sure in what way.

While the answers range from pretty cute to pretty adorable, one little girl steals the show. Keep your eye out for the one little girl who leads on the interviewer, but refuses to answer the question – in a totally adorable way!