Man Turns The Scratch On His Car Door Into A Miraculous Piece Of Art

Have you ever parked your car to run into a store for just a few minutes only to come out and see your beautiful car looking a bit worse for wear thanks to some jerk who parked too close? At minimum, this scenario is enough to ruin an afternoon. Everyone has  or will experience this dreadful moment at some point in their lives.

Most of us see our car being damaged as a travesty, not  a creative opportunity. You can chose to live with the scratch, wallow in self pity, fork over the cash to it fixed… or can get you creative like this Russian guy and turn lemons into lemonade, or rather, a scratch into a work of art.

In Russia, car insurance isn’t mandatory. So any damages your car may sustain are your own responsibility. After a Russian man car was hit by a truck, even though the truck driver paid for the damages, he didn’t have the time to take it to a shop to get it fixed. Instead he decided to take matters into his own hands and go about things a little differently. Driving out Altai Mountains for a little inspiration.



Aren’t they gorgeous!? But how is checking out a mountain range going to help fix a car door exactly? He decided to cover the large scratches and dents by taking a permanent marker to the door and covering everything with a detailed topographical map of the mountains.


There are Pinterest tutorials on how to repurpose everything from barn wood and palettes, but nothing about upcycling your damaged car door into a work of art! The fix was only meant to be mandatory, and we aren’t sure if he is planing on having the door professionally prepared, but we definitely like what he did with it.