The 'Bun Drop' Hair Trend Is Confusingly Mesmerizing And Is Taking Over Instagram

Instagram and the internet in general creates some pretty weird fads. Remember the one where people put cucumbers behind their unsuspecting cats, and it scared the bejesus out of them? Or, what about planking? The list goes on and on, and this next big trend is one part weird and two parts mesmerizing.

It’s fatalistically simple; girls and women with extremely long hair- like “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let-down-your-hair long” – have their hair in messy buns and then they take it down. That’s it. It’s called a bun-drop, and while it sounds really, really stupid, it’s impossible not to enjoy watching these videos.

As the girls take out whatever is holding up their hair such as hair ties, chopsticks or bobby pins, they slow-motion shake out their long, silky luscious hair. And, it is nothing short of hypnotic.

Check out the following videos if you don’t believe us. We predict you’ll be searching the hashtag soon for more slow-motion, dangling locks clips. Our personal favorite is the one done outside by a girl dressed all in black. The unnamed girl in the video even has a perfect ombre. Unimaginable envy!

_.-**-._ ► BUN DROP ◄ _.-**-._

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Ahhhh cabelo! 💛

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Share the videos that are your favorites and post some more if and when you find them! We predict this trend is going to be bigger than cats and cucumbers!