Kendall Jenner’s Spanish Vogue Photo Shoot Is Infuriating Ballerinas Everywhere

Model Kendall Jenner of the infamous Kardashian clan has been keeping her head down and doing pretty solid work for the past seven years, ever since she started modeling at age 14. By all accounts she is one of the least controversial member of the family, but this week tension struck over a surprisingly blase photo shoot for Spanish Vogue.

The shoot itself didn’t seem too controversial. The magazine asked Jenner to dress as a ballerina, and the gig involved photos and video of her hanging out and dancing in front of a mirror and barre, which is pretty standard ballerina stuff.

Except after watching the video and looking at the photos, it became glaringly clear that Kendall Jenner had absolutely no ballet experience and wasn’t even familiar with how to stand in point shoes. Yikes. The internet, of course, was very nice about pointing out her ignorance.

We’re just kidding, they eviscerated her.

Twitter users in both Europe and America called Jenner out on her inexperienced stance, her silly dance moves, and the general lack of anything ballerina-like in her movement or photos.

To be fair, a lot of the criticism fell on Spanish Vogue for picking her to do such a shoot instead of hiring a professional. @bethyuh tweeted, “Vogue def messed up with Kendall Jenner as a ballerina. There are plenty who have worked their entire lives to be professional ballerinas.”

And @_Manda___ said, “Every ballerina in the world is cringing so hard over Kendall Jenner’s Spanish Vogue shoot.”

We wonder just how much say Kendall Jenner actually had over the shoot. And while some twitter users were slightly supportive of her, like @_SammSammSamm, who called her perfect they still criticized her performance. Yikes!

Who knew ballerinas were such a catty crowd? Actually, what are we saying? We saw Black Swan… We know that for every graceful white swan, there’s a vicious black swan waiting in the wings!