Londoners Wait In 5-Hour Line Just To Get Their Hands On a Juicy In-N-Out Burger

If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of Southern California, you know the majesty that is the famous In-N-Out chain. They’re simple, they’re greasy, they’re everything we have ever wanted from a burger.

If you live in London and have never visited SoCal, you’ve had to just take the internet’s word for how tasty these burgers are… Until last week, that is.

In-N-Out decided to host a pop-up brick and mortar in London last Wednesday for four hours. They also only put out one advertisement in a small local newspaper. Like they really thought they could make bringing the best fast food burgers 5,500 miles across the pond a small affair.

Word apparently spread like wildfire and people began lining up at the storefront at 8am even though In-N-Out had announced it’s hours would be 11am-3pm. The line got so long before the doors opened that the pop-up’s employees started handing out wristbands to make sure that people in line would get a burger at some point, even if they ran out on Wednesday! WOW.

Some people reported waiting for over five hours, which is just about half the length of time it would actually take to fly to LA from London, so I guess they still came out ahead. The In-N-Out did indeed run out of burgers – just after noon actually – and many downcast Londoners took to Twitter to lament the fact that they had missed out on the food fest.

Tom McLaughlin in particular probably had a rough hump-day: “Not being able to get to the In-n-Out pop up today pains me more than words can describe #InNOut #London.” Guess they’ll just have to make their way to the Golden State if they want In-N-Out soon.

Check out the crazy video of the line below, and share if you would wait five hours for an In-N-Out burger!