Baby From Nirvana’s Album Cover Recreates Iconic Photograph 25 Years Later

Nirvana’s most famous album, Nevermind, the one with the naked baby in the swimming pool, reaching out to a dollar bill, is now 25 years old and you better believe that baby is too.

Nirvana album cover, Nevermind.

The original photographer, John Chapple, thought it would be a fun way to highlight the milestone by recreating the famous album cover (Rolling Stone Magazine declared it one of the top three iconic album covers of all time).

The baby’s name is Spencer Elden, and we’re pretty sure he is a Nirvana fan, because he has “Nevermind” tattooed on his chest in huge letters. Spencer was totally game for the shoot, so much so that he wanted to do it exactly like the original… that is, in the nude.

Chapple talked him out of it and back into his shorts, and the resulting images are really cool to look at alongside their 25-years-young counterpart.

Chapple paid Elden just $200 for the shoot, but we think that was another stab at nostalgia: that was the amount that Elden’s parents received 25 years ago as well.

Nivana isn’t making any more music obviously, but a quarter of a century later, their music is still impactful and important to many people, least of all Spencer Elden and John Chapple, who were there from the very beginning!