British Teen Wants To Look Like David Beckham With $60,000 In Procedures

Many of us have found ourselves copying our favorite celebrities. Maybe, we bought an outfit a celebrity once wore or even changed our hairstyle to be like theirs.

For Jack Johnson, that’s simply not enough because his dream is to look exactly like David Beckham. The, 19-year old is willing to do whatever it takes to look like the 41-year-old soccer superstar. Dedication is an understatement.

The young British teenager has already spent close to $26,000 on plastic surgery procedures to accomplish his goal. He was able to tell his story during an appearance on a British morning show called This Morning. 

He shared with the interviewer the work he’s already had done which includes facial fillers, eye-brows HD lift, and tanning injections among other things. The host asked, “Do you worry about how that’s going to affect your health long term?” Johnson replied, “Yes, I understand that, but I’m doing this to make myself happy.”

He plans to spend an additional $39,000 to get there. Many people are shocked to learn that Johnson is spending this kind of money all while being unemployed. He shares that he is using loans to pay for his transformation. He not only hopes to look like the soccer player, but he also wants to live a David Beckham-like lifestyle one day.

He plans on doing so buy becoming a famous TV star. During the interview a quote from the teen was read, “I want to be on the friends list of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Drake and Katie Price. One day, Simon Cowell will be picking up the phone to me.”