Jimmy Kimmel Catches People Lying About Watching The Debate A Day Before It Even Took Place

Last Monday’s presidential debate was one of the most watched political debates of all time. This year’s election in general has encouraged the need to vote and for people to be as civic-minded as possible. But, let’s face it, sometimes we just aren’t.

Maybe we had to work when the debate was on, maybe we were in the middle of cooking dinner, or maybe we just plain forgot about it. Either way, people who aren’t that up-to-date on politics tend to want to sound like they know what’s going on, and Jimmy Kimmel very cleverly exploited this fact on his latest version of “Lie Witness News.”

For those of you who don’t know, “Lie Witness News” is a segment Kimmel has on his late night show where he asks random people on the street about news events, and their answers are usually factually wrong or, in this case, haven’t happened yet!

This didn’t stop them from weighing in on all kinds of subjects like who won, what specifically each candidate said, and even the erroneous fact that Hillary Clinton did pull ups on stage! Talk about gullibility!

Alright, so maybe these people just didn’t want to appear dumb on TV by not knowing what the reporter was talking about. However, they let themselves be led along by Kimmel’s reporter to eventually utter such gems like Clinton was, “poiseful,” and that Trump said, “Liar, Liar, pantsuit on fire!” They even fell for the fact that the two candidates kissed at the end of the debate. Gullibility never was so funny!

This edition of “Lie Witness News” is hilarious! Thanks for making us laugh at ourselves every once in awhile, Mr. Kimmel!