Charming Dog Refuses To Believe Pet Store Is Closed On Late Night Walk

The dog in this video proves that animals like to shop just as much as humans do.

Sam’s owner made the mistake of walking the adorable puppy past, their local pet store on a late night walk.  The walk was at 11 p.m., to be exact, and Sam clearly doesn’t understand that the pet store is closed.

Sam can be seen plopped in front of the lit up store not budging. “I promise you it’s closed,” the owner can be heard saying. “NYC pet, it’s 11 p.m. there,” she says. But Sam just isn’t buying it, he is determined to get on the other side of that door to the delicious treats and fun toys. She continues to promise and assure Sam that the store is closed. She even tries begging, “Sam come on!” she says as she pulls on his leash to no success.

When she finally seems to be making some progress by dragging Sam away, he suddenly runs back to the door yanking her with him.  We’re not sure how she finally got him to walk away, but we sure hope she took Sam to the pet store on his morning walk.