Jimmy Fallon Takes Kevin Hart Through New York’s Scariest Haunted House, Blood Manor

Jimmy Fallon loves doing hilarious things with his guests, even if it means that he becomes part of the joke himself. Such was the case last week, when Jimmy and Kevin Hart strapped Go-Pros to their chests and decided to brave New York’s scariest haunted house, Blood Manor.

It was all fun and games in the beginning on their journey. Kevin even boasted, “Jump out at me if you want to, you gonna get a boot to the neck.” However, the second those doors shut behind them, they turned a little jumpy.

Source: YouTube

Jimmy even screamed the first time the lights went out, prompting Kevin to chide him. “Come on Jimmy, you makin’ it worse!” But it isn’t long before Kevin is letting out higher pitched, terrified screams right along with him!

There’s nothing more hilarious than watching two grown men practically go into hysterics together over a little haunted house. Jimmy’s shoulders are as high as they can go – he looks like he’s trying to make himself as small as possible. Kevin, well, he doesn’t have that problem, but he does encounter one of the drawbacks of pure terror around the second minute of the video.

In the complete darkness of a terrifying hallway, with actors grabbing their legs and feet, Kevin feels the need to confess. “Hey Jimmy. I farted.” 

We’re sure that the actors were well aware, Kevin. After all, they are crouched at the perfect height. Check out the rest of the hilarious video – it definitely made us feel better about how scared we get in haunted houses!