Hikers Bump Into Mel Gibson On Top Of Sugarloaf Mountain In Ireland

Sunday Funday can mean different things to different people. Maybe a good Sunday to you involves brunch and mimosas, maybe it involves sitting in sweats binge watching TV all day, and for some, it may involve steering away from the computer and getting active outside. It’s not uncommon for those active types to explore local geography and enjoy a hike on a local trail and call that fun!

One group of Irish hikers recently set out on a Sunday morning hike and got more than a treat when they reached the summit.

Heather Fogarty, Michael O’Connor, and Shane Gallagher set out for a hike up the ever popular Great Sugarloaf Mountain in Wicklow, Ireland, near Dublin.

The three pals were just looking for a brisk bit of morning exercise, ending with some yoga on the mountaintop, but also ran into an unexpected hiker!

The trio snapped a pic of themselves and Mel Gibson at the summit that Fogarty shared via Instagram.

Gibson was all too friendly, and even suggested that O’Connor looked a bit like Where’s Waldo. He donned a bushy beard and appropriately Irish hat, and likely would have been very easy to miss!

Gibson is in Ireland filming The Professor and the Madman with Sean Penn, and has been spotted multiple times in the area.