Camera Captures Moment Great White Jumps Into Cage With Diver Still Inside

Today we’re adding cage diving onto the list of things (like sky diving and spelunking) that you couldn’t pay us enough to do. That’s after watching this harrowing video, where professional cage divers have to think fast when a great white shark forced it’s way into the very cage that is meant to keep them out and divers safe!

Truly, this is a nightmare. Great whites can’t swim backwards (thanks, evolution!) meaning that once the shark had it’s nose part of the way in the cage, it either had to be forced out by the diver – and we don’t think he wanted to get anywhere near those teeth – or it had to come all the way into the cage.

The latter is what ended up happening, and we can’t even imagine what was going through the diver’s mind when that happened. Luckily, he had the presence of mind to escape through the bottom of the cage so he wasn’t trapped in a confined space with one of nature’s oldest killing machines.

We do feel a little bad for the bewildered shark, who gets banged up pretty badly against the bars of the cage before making an incredible breach out of the top of the cage and back into the open ocean. The whole thing takes about 45 seconds, but we’re willing to bet it’s a minute no one on that boat or in the water will ever forget.

Check out the terrifying full video – it’s about the closest we’ll ever get to cage diving from now on!