Camera Captures Moment Great White Shark Gets Stuck Inside Cage With 4 Divers

Humans love seeking new opportunities to interact with wild animals. Most of the time, these opportunities are in controlled areas, like zoos or refuges. Some thrill seekers, however, like to find these opportunities in the animals’ natural habitats. When the animal you seek to interact with is a great white shark while you’re underwater in an aluminum cage being supplied oxygen through a single hose, what could possibly go wrong?

A group of cage divers off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico had a scary incident with a great white recently, though it’s important to note that the incident is not an “attack.”

A group of divers had a female great white shark, known as Milana Arnone, swim up to their cage to investigate their presence. As she investigated, she bit one of the hoses that was piping oxygen to the cage occupants and got herself stuck in the aluminum framing. Diver Peter Maguire, who was in a cage nearby, caught the entire incident on camera, as did another diver, Katie Yonker,  who was inside the cage during the incident.

Luckily, all divers escaped the cage unharmed, and Milana the shark only suffered a few scrapes from the cage. Maguire says that the incident, while scary, was managed smoothly thanks to the training and quick thinking of the crew inside the cage. “If it wasn’t for the training and quick thinking of the crew, this could have ended a lot differently,” Maguire wrote via YouTube.