Man Dresses Like His Dog’s Favorite Toy On Halloween And Gets The Reaction He’s Looking For

Jolene the golden retriever, like many golden retrievers, has a favorite chew toy that she likes to carry around with her (that’s the “retriever” in them). For Jolene, her favorite toy is a long green fuzzy chew toy that looks like 1950s classic clay cartoon character, Gumby.


Emily Crisp, Jolene’s owner, and Crisp’s boyfriend, Ben Mesches, had a really great Halloween costume idea and surprise for Jolene this year. Mesches dressed up as a full, human size Gumby and came out to surprise Jolene as Crisp recorded a video on her phone. The video of Jolene’s priceless and completely adorable reaction has hit the internet hard, with the video pulling in 5 million views already.

Jolene is sitting on her dog bed chewing on Gumby, when Mesches walks out into the room dressed as Gumby. When Jolene notices, she pauses and looks up. She then rises up and somewhat dumbfounded walks over to her real life best friend and immediately jumps up on him to give Gumby a big dog hug! Mesches then topples to the ground, hugging Jolene back and Jolene just goes WILD with excitement!

Is this cute, or what?