Ninebot Segway Skeleton Terrorizes NYC Just In Time For Halloween

What happens when you put a skeleton on a segway and turn it loose on New Yorkers? Something amazing, that’s what. Pranksters at Mashable took the remote controlled self-balancing Ninebot Segway miniPro and decked it out with your average run of the mill skeleton. Introducing the Skeleton Scooter!

At first the Skeleton Scooter sways back and forth haphazardly because the skeleton has no balance, even with the remote control the scooter is a bit out of control. Fearing the prank wouldn’t work out as planned, pranksters called for a plan B. We introduce to you, Skeleton Ghost!

The new and improved Skeleton Ghost even has a walkie talkie, you know nothing makes a skeleton on a Ninebot Segway miniPRO coming at you even creepier than some eerie noises and a voice asking you how to catch the a train. There were screams, some cursing and horrified children, but most people loved the Skeleton Ghost! Way to go plan B!

One woman even invited the get up to her Halloween party. Unfortunately, there was one slight Skeleton Ghost assault caught on tape, the guy to a bony hand to the face and lived to tell the tale.