Adorable Unexpected Driver Pulled Over And Breathalysed By Police For Suspicious Behavior

When driving, it’s very important to be aware of your surroundings and the other drivers around you. If you see someone driving erratically or perhaps drunkenly, it’s more than good measure to call the police and report your suspicions. While the cops can’t be everywhere all the time patrolling drivers, a couple of officers in Cheshire County of the United Kingdom happened to be in the right place at the right time to question a suspicious driver.

Source: Cheshire Police

A couple of Cheshire police officers noticed a young lady who looked underage operating a vehicle in an erratic manner. They did their job and stopped the young lady to question her. When asked if she had been drinking that morning, her associates admitted that she had a couple of bottles that morning. To the relief of everyone involved, those were simply bottles of milk!

The Cheshire officers noticed an adorable toddler in her toy car tooling around the neighborhood and decided to have a bit of fun. The officers decided to play along with the little girl as she “drove” her foot powered car, and even had the little girl blow into the breathalyzer! Thankfully, the little tot was stone cold sober and was allowed to carry on her way, but not before someone snapped a pic of the adorable occurrence and it shared on the Cheshire police Facebook page!

Source: Twitter @cheshirepolice