85-Year-Old ‘Flower Grandpa’ Made The Sweetest Appearance At This Not-So-Traditional Wedding

Are you ready to melt into a puddle over something so ferociously cute that you’ll just be useless for the rest of the day? Because we got it right here, folks, step right up.

When Jen Brisken, 29, started planning her wedding, she knew that she wanted to involve her 85-year-old grandpa Stanley in the wedding party. The two are very close and she couldn’t image the day without him. However, there aren’t really traditional roles for grandparents in weddings, so Jen and Stanley had to invent one for him. They joked about Stanley taking the place of the flower girl position, and both thought it was hilarious.

Jen said, “I teased him that I was going to have him wear a tutu and patent leather shoes like a typical flower girl,” and Stanley shot right back that he would become internet famous if it happened.

The two laughed, but Jen couldn’t shake what a cute idea it really was, to have Stanley walk down the aisle and drop rose petals before she came down herself. Finally, she decided that it actually could work, that it was a unique idea but not so silly after all. She formally asked Stanley to be her “flower grandpa” on an embroidered handkerchief (which is the most grandpa thing ever!). It read, “Papa, will you be my flower grandpa? Love, Jen”.


It’s so cute, it’s ridiculous! Stanley even practiced with fake leaves before the big day, to make sure he got it just right. He got a big laugh when he appeared with the basket of flower petals, and that was just fine with Jen. “It felt like our style to have all of our guests laughing right before we started our life as husband and wife.” Mazel tov!