Live News Captures Drunken Woman Interrupting Reporter To Report Lost Wallet

Tuesday was the annual Melbourne Cup, a horse race that many Aussies treat as a holiday in which the traditions include taking off of work, dressing up fancy, and getting completely smashed in the name of good sportsmanship. The festive nature of the event means that several reporters were at the scene, and Channel Nine’s man in the field got a first hand experience of just how drunk people got at the races.


As he’s giving his live report, a group of well-dressed, but clearly knackered, Aussies pass behind him, and one woman bends down to pick something up off the ground. It turns out to be a wallet, and the well-meaning woman brings it to the reporter, assumedly because he looks like some kind of authority figure. He tells her that she should take it to a security guard, but she tries clumsily to stuff it in his suit pocket, insisting, “He needs to find the owner. He needs to do the right thing!”

She eventually gets hauled away by her friends, and the reporter looks bemused at his random encounter. She may regret the hilarious video today (just as we’re assuming she’s regretting the giant hangover she got from her debauchery). Still, at least she was trying to do something good for someone else!

Anyone lose their wallet?#9News |

9 News Brisbane 发布于 2016年10月31日