Former Home-Buyer Revealed Some Truths About Being A Cast On HGTV’s Fixer Upper

I’m a Southern California girl at heart, so moving to Texas is a pretty ridiculous proposition to me, but I would consider it if I had a chance to be on Fixer Upper. My favorite home renovation show features husband and wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines and is super fun to watch! The transformations are incredible but because the cute couple have a family to take care of, they only redesign houses in their hometown of Waco, Texas.


I knew this already, but recently a former home-buyer featured on the show spilled the juicy beans and shared what it’s like to have the Gaines family actually fix up a house you’re going to live in! Without further ado, seven Fixer Upper revelations that blew even my mind.

Casting Moves Quickly!

You wouldn’t expect buying and fixing up a home to be a quick process, but apparently Chip and Joanna waste no time, and the crew rockets right along with them! Featured home buyers end up with a new place just like that!


You Don’t Get to Keep the Furniture!

This is a bummer, but I understand. Furniture from Magnolia Market is just featured on the show, but after the cameras stop rolling, it gets carted away again unless homeowners want to purchase it themselves.

Chip Really is That Goofy! 

It’s not an act; apparently Chip is just as funny and outgoing in between shooting and keeps the homeowners in stitches!


They Make Over the Whole House! 

Even the rooms that aren’t featured on the show get a makeover that usually includes new fixtures, paint, and flooring. I love hearing that these guys are diligent with their guests!

Joanna is Quiet, But Super Smart!

She is definitely the more reserved Gaines member, but that’s only because she’s planning all your amazing designs in her head constantly. Apparently she has a brain that never quits!

Make Overs Are High Quality! 

The homes are really meant to be used as homes, not set pieces that look good on camera one day and fall apart the next.



You Don’t Actually Become Best Friends!

Aww, shucks. Despite the appearance of being super close with their homeowners on the show, and living in the same town with them, the Gaines do not really build lifelong friendships on their show. This is understandable, of course, but still breaks my little fan heart.


I guess considering that last revelation I won’t be moving to Waco any time soon. However, this doesn’t mean I love Fixer Upper any less, especially now that I know all of these behind the scenes facts!