Harry Potter Yoga Is Now The Latest Magical Trend In Fitness

To those of you out there who are not Harry Potter fans, who are unable to see and appreciate the magic and wonder of the Wizarding World, I don’t understand you but I feel sorry for you. You have already lived through the record-breaking hype of the books, and then the movies, and then the theme parks. When the last one opened at Universal Studios Hollywood this year, I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief.

That is, until you realized about the five new Fantastic Beasts movies coming out beginning this year, and understood that the world is not letting go of The Boy Who Lived or his magical realm any time soon. To offer proof of this, we present to you: Harry Potter yoga. Seriously.

Circle Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas has had themed yoga classes before; their popular Pints & Poses class combined – you guessed it – yoga and beer.

However, this Harry Potter class is blowing that one out of the water. Everyone who shows up gets a wand, and instructors then lead them through Potter-themed poses like cat to cow transfiguration and the whomping willow (tree pose). Some poses are also meant to simulate casting your own patronus to ward off a dementor.

@circlebrew celebrated the lives of Lily and James Potter today with a special cask of pumpkin juice! The sorting hat kept me company at the bar.

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The class wraps with a cool down while the instructor reads from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

To Potterheads, this seems like a totally cute and fun way to work out, but I can understand that to the disgruntled muggles who just want this Harry Potter stuff to go away, this may seem like one themed-event too many. However, while I sympathize, my advice is to grab a wand do a downward-facing Fang, because it doesn’t look like hype around the wizarding world is dying down anytime soon!