Little Girl’s Hair After Sliding Down A Plastic Slide Is Beyond Epic

Kids have the best mindsets. They lose their minds over simple fun things, like seeing a dog or going to the park, and they don’t sweat the little stuff, like having peanut butter and jelly smeared on their faces for hours. We adults could learn a lot from them about taking it easy and enjoying the good stuff.

This video is an excellent example of that. This little girl is having such a good time at the park that she literally does not care that her hair looks like she just got zapped by a light socket!


The static electricity of the slide makes her look worse than the boy who gets electrocuted by the fence in Jurassic Park, but does she stop for one minute to fix her do? Not when there’s more slides to go down, swings to enjoy, and jungle gyms to climb! Who has time to fix their hair at the park?

We wish we could be this uninhibited! Also, we sincerely hope she did not touch any metal objects before the static got released slowly, or she may be in for the shock of her young life! That, at least, she might have a slightly negative reaction to!