Beyoncé And The Dixie Chicks Executed An Epic Country Performance At The CMAs

As awards show season nears closer, the Country Music Awards (CMA) kicks things off by bringing together the top country music performers and industry members under the same roof to award the best of 2016. This year, the CMAs had a special, last minute surprise for viewers and attendees with a dual performance by infamous country girl group, The Dixie Chicks and CMA first time performer Beyonce.

The combination of the the artists surprised and delighted many fans and totally blew them away. Beyonce, who is from Texas herself alongside Dixie Chick Natalie Maines, gave a shout out to their home state prior to their performance before launching into a thoroughly country rendition of Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” from her latest album, “Lemonade.” Beyonce was literally dripping in jewels in her nude dress, while The Dixie Chicks were clad in all black.

With the release of her song “Daddy Lessons,” Beyonce blurred the lines between what counts as country music and what doesn’t. Twangy and country-themed, the song was a natural choice to play at the CMAs, and The Dixie Chicks brought it around to full-country status with their famous musical style. While perhaps an untraditional pairing at CMAs, The Dixie Chicks have been vocal fans of Beyonce and her song, performing “Daddy Lessons” while touring recently.

Most fans were delighted to hear that Beyonce would be performing at the CMAs, but some were also a bit perplexed. One Twitter user, Robert Kessler, hit the nail on the head: “Beyoncé has never been more Texan than preparing to work out her daddy issues in front of a room full of men who are voting for Trump.”

While Beyonce and the Chicks brought the house down, keep an eye out in the video for the one glorious moment when the Billy Joel look alike saxophonists steals the spotlight!