Broncos Cheerleader Dresses Up As Inflatable T-Rex And Executes Flawless Dance Routine

As a child, the best part of Halloween is the trick or treating,, hands down. As an adult, the best part becomes the costumes. And, for many women, Halloween is notoriously a time to dress up as a “sexy” version of something.

The Denver Broncos cheerleaders were no exception to that rule. During a Halloween themed game against the San Diego Chargers, the cheerleaders were allowed to cheer for their home team wearing costumes. Literally ALL of the women were dressed up as a sexy something: sexy Dorothy, sexy Mario, sexy Where’s Waldo… except one!


There was one cheerleader who took the opportunity to dress up in costume for the game as a chance to show her sense of humor. One of the Broncos cheerleaders came onto the field in an inflatable T-Rex costume, which starkly contrasted with her co-cheerleaders.

The costume itself has gained internet notoriety since its release by a costume company in 2015 alongside the debut of Jurassic World. While the costume looks bulky or perhaps cumbersome, this girl proved herself to be a total pro and nailed every single one of the team’s cheer routines.

If there’s a costume that instantly makes ANYTHING funnier, it’s this T-Rex costume. And, this isn’t it’s first debut in the NFL. Earlier this year, Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson had to do his warm ups in this same costume after losing his team’s weekly throwing competition.