A College Student Left A Note After Breaking Into A Car For A Kit Kat Bar

Children get the best deal when it comes to Halloween. They get to parade around town, look all adorable, and get to rake in the free candy. Adults, however, have to work for their candy and even buy it themselves! It’s just not fair.

One college student is learning the lesson that he must hold his hard earned candy close to his chest the hard way. College student Hunter Jobbins, who is in his second year at Kansas State University, made two huge mistakes: leaving a chocolate bar in a car and leaving a full size candy bar unattended in general. Jobbins parked his car for fifteen minutes in front of his dorm as he quickly ran inside, and when he returned his Kit Kat bar had vanished and was replaced with a hastily scrawled note on  a napkin.

The note from the Kit Kat thief informed Jobbins that they had noticed the Kit Kat in his car, and apparently blinded with hunger, tried the doors of his car only to find it was unlocked. Ensuring Jobbins they didn’t take anything else in the car, the thief took the Kit Kat, left the note, and signed it, “I am sorry and hungry.”

Jobbins, who at first felt a little uncomfortable that someone else had been in his car, said, “I couldn’t help but laugh at the person’s motive, and the whole note in general.” Jobbins shared a pic of the odd note, and the internet responded with mixed emotions. Ranging from the sheer outrage of having a precious candy bar stolen from them to laughing at the sheer desperation of the poor thief who couldn’t control their hunger. Twitter had a field day.

Most importantly, Kit Kat themselves sympathized with poor Jobbins, tweeting him back and offering to replace his missing candy bar.