Little Girl Surf Prodigy Gives Best Interview After She Gets Wildcard In Sydney Pro Surf Competition

Australia has a new sweetheart with up and coming 11 year old surfer Sabre Norris. The little girl is making waves as an impressive surfer, and just got the wildcard position for the Sydney International Women’s Pro surfing competition. Sally Fitzgibbon, an accomplished surfer and Sabre’s mentor, granted her the wildcard position, and the preteen couldn’t be more excited.

On Australia’s Today show, the young surfer gave a hilarious and endearing interview as she discussed how excited she was to get the wildcard position. Unprompted by the hosts, when asked about how she excited was for the competition, Sabre discussed how happy she would be even in last place, where she’d win at least $250. If that isn’t cute enough, she continues on to say that if she had $250 she’d like to it spend on donuts.

Source: Sabre Norris

A star on the rise, Sabre knows that she shouldn’t spend her money on donuts because it’s not a beneficial thing to do for her athletic career. She admits that Fitzgibbon encourages and healthy lifestyle, then goes on to discuss how her dad, who used to be an athlete himself, got “fat” from eating too much ice cream! She talks about how her dad, “had to suck his gut in for photos,” until he lost 20kg from his apparent all ice cream diet. Sabre adorably and gleefully rambles on to the hosts of Today who are nothing short of cracking up at her precocious responses.

Even if this little girl doesn’t make her career in surfing, which is pretty unlikely with mentors like Fitzgibbon and Australian surfer Mick Fanning, her shining personality is already carving out a place for her in the world as an Australian treasure!