Nasa Releases Stunning Video Of What It Is Like To Be An Astronaut And Live Inside The International Space Station

Many children grow up hoping to be an astronaut and hoping to explore, as Star Trek puts it, the final frontier. While space travel and exploration is certainly more feasible than it has ever been, realistically most kids who want to be an astronaut never will be. Sure, some of those kids may just lose steam on that dream, but it’s also no easy task to become an astronaut. There is a rigorous testing and training program so that only the healthiest and most prepared people can go into space.

Source: NASA

Luckily, for those of us who may never actually want to go to space, or for those of who just simply never make it to space, NASA is there for us. They have recently released an 18-minute video showing what life is like inside the International Space Station.

Source: NASA

The beautiful video is shot in ultra HD and shows us a day in the life of an astronaut aboard the ISS, including shots of what they eat and where they sleep. Keep an eye on the top left corner, as the video explains what area of the station you’re looking at, as well.

The International Space Station has been in orbit since 1998 and built out over time, with components being shuttled into space by both Russia and the U.S. The ISS serves as a research laboratory for crew members to conduct scientific experiments, so we can better understand the space environment and our universe.