No One Recognized Bono At An NYC Subway Station Until He Started Performing

We all know the benefits of using public transit: it helps relieve congestion, is more environmentally-friendly, and is cheaper than owning a car. However, sometimes dealing with the public, especially the loud, seemingly-crazy attention-grabbing members of the public, can be exhausting first thing in the morning. We’re sure this is what the people at a particular subway station in New York City felt when they encountered a ragtag band playing at full volume recently.


They looked crazy. The lead singer wore a blue cowboy hat, the players were in big coats, and they had an enthusiasm that was not normal for the subway. However, when people stopped and actually heard them play, they encountered a sound that as entirely familiar, and very very good. That’s because Jimmy Fallon, as part of a stunt for his evening talk show, had disguised the band U2 as poor street musicians and convinced them to play a free concert in the subway that day!

The reactions they received ranged from skepticism to full on excitement (from the few who figured out what was going on). And once that happened, the performance blew up, with all the band members discarding their fake mustaches and weird clothes (though Bono, of course, kept the blue hat) and really rocking out with a crowd that just kept growing and growing. Seriously, this has to be the best day that any of these commuters ever experienced on the New York Subway!