Latina Comedian’s Impression Of JLo Is Spot On And It’s Not Just Because Of The Snapchat Filter

Melissa Villaseñor is an extremely talented comedian and actress from LA. If the name sounds familiar, or maybe you remember her face, its because you do. This talented woman rocked the crap out of America’s Got Talent and is now a cast member on Saturday Night Live! Dreams really do come true people.


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On America’s Got Talent Melissa performed some dead on celebrity impressions featuring Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Girl’s got serious skills! Well Melissa is back at the impersonation game and this time she is taking on the triple threat herself, Jennifer Lopez.

Of course, no JLo impression would be enough with just the voice, she’s got the look down too! Is that Jenny from the block? To be fair, the look isn’t all Melissa, she had some help courtesy of some Snapchat filters.

more J-Lo for ya!

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Several of her JLo impressions can be found on Youtube, where she she covers some every day talking to her ex-husband Marc Anthony and discussing the struggle that is birthday cake. Recently a new JLo impression video series titled Daily Itineraries produced by Mas Mejor has dropped, and it is fan-freaking-tastic.

J-Lo sings the updated version "Waiting FART Tonight" #jlo #jenniferlopezimpression

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Have you ever thought about how JLo plans out her day? Sure, she probably has an assistant to do all of that for her, but we absolutely LOVE Melissa’s version. What do you think, is Melissa from Jenny’s block?