Man Shares Disturbing Photo Of Bare Wall To Reveal What 20 Years Of Smoking Can Really Do

We all know that smoking is bad… theoretically. We’ve been pictures of black lungs and know of people who have died or suffered from lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, but few of us encounter the actual physical impacts of living in a smoke-filled environment every day.

Well, a man recently posted a picture on Reddit that shows just that. Captioned “This is what 2 packs a day for 20 years looks like,” the picture is super disturbing. It shows a blank wall where three pictures used to hang. Those spots are stark white, while the walls around them are stained an ashy yellow gray. This clearly shows the damage that second-hand smoke can do; when you smoke, you are not only putting dangerous and addictive chemicals into your own body, but also releasing them into the air around you.


With over 40 million Americans still classified as smokers, this is a huge health issue for many people.

Tobacco smoke stains everything from your walls to your fingertips to your teeth, and the chemicals are not only harmful but also smell really pungent, even if smokers themselves can no longer detect the odor.

Cigarette smoke also causes people to age prematurely. Luckily, most of these effects are reversible, but only if you first take the major step of quitting.

For help doing that, check out Smokefree. Please consider not only your life, but also the lives and happiness of everyone around you, who are all affected every time you light up.