Here Are The Best Financial Podcasts To Listen To While Living Your Life

As a card-carrying Millennial, I was broke for so long that I would laugh at suggestions from financial bigwigs that I save or invest 25% of my income. When you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, the idea that you have any income to save or invest is laughable, in that so-scary-it’s-funny kind of way. However, now that I’m making my way up in the world (inch by inch), I find myself in the same confused boat with many of my peers. We have disposable income… but what to do with it?

The following list may help. It’s of money-related podcasts and one of them may just be the push I need to move from a kid who hides $20 bills like it’s the depression to a fully-fledged adult with a 401k.

  1. We Study Billionaires – This podcast, under the guiding hands of Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen, explores the habits and practices of people with a high net worth in the hopes of picking up some smart tips.
  2. Freakonomics Radio – We all know what the quirky Freakonomics books are, but in podcast form Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt can cover more ground and connect with their fans over the weird money questions we all secretly want to ask.
  3. Money Girl – Despite the name, this one is not just for the ladies; host Laura Adams explores the basic financial challenges that young people face every day: how to budget, how to save, understanding credit, etc…
  4. The Dave Ramsey Show – Dave is famous for his seven steps to getting out of debt, and in his podcast he expands on those principles.
  5. Mo’ Money Podcast – Jessica Moorhouse uses real guests with real financial stories to help her younger, inexperienced listeners become literate in financial terms and idea.
  6. Martinis and Your Money – This one is geared more for women, and features peppy and relatable host Shannon McLay as she tries to guide her listeners through building assets while also managing their debt.
  7. Afford Anything – This one is brand new, but host Paula Pant has been a veteran of the blog scene for many years. Her podcast focuses on financial independence on an individual level through discussion with real entrepreneurs and business professionals.
  8. Be Wealthy and Smart – If only, am I right? Linda Jones provides her self-acquired business acumen to her listeners in the hopes that they follow in her successful footsteps.
  9.  Stacking Benjamins – This team of hosts takes a different approach to learning, providing open discussions in which several people can discuss their personal methods of wealth management and acquisition!