Insurance Agencies Are Subsidizing The Cost Of The New Apple Watch- But There’s A Catch!

Fitness trackers have been around for awhile, but they have been strictly personal tools that people buy themselves to try to stay healthy. While there isn’t any data on whether or not these tools actually keep people healthy over a long period of time, they are proven to get new users up and moving around, which is the first step to a healthier future.

It looks like health insurance companies have picked up on this, and have decided to enter the 21st century by providing subsidies to their customers for Apple Watches. 


People with John Hancock insurance or Aetna will be able to get a new Apple Watch Series 2 for just about $25, but there’s a catch. Insurance companies have a vested interest in doing whatever keeps their customers healthy because it will cost them less to insure them down the road. To that end, the companies are setting fitness goals that their customers have to meet while they have the watch. If they do, that $25 is all they’ll have to pay.


However, if you get the Apple Watch and aren’t active enough, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee on the device over the course of 24 months that will basically amount to you paying the original price for it.

Not only are these companies using new technology to motivate their customers to stay happy, but they are adding a financial incentive on top of it. If you stay active and healthy, you get an extra bonus of a high tech piece of wrist-wear for only $25. However, if you flub on your goals, you have to pay the original price of the watch.

Sometimes it’s hard to go for a walk when I know I should, but if someone is going to charge me money if I don’t, you better believe I’ll be hitting the pavement pretty fast!