Financial Expert Shares One Piece Of Advice Everyone Should Know

Being financially independent for the first time in your life feels amazing one minute and terrifying the next. It’s exhilarating to realize you are beholden to no one, and then you realize that there’s no one to help you if you stumble. However, recently financial expert Farnoosh Torabi sat down with Business Insider for a FB Live Interview and postulated that maybe we think about this all wrong. She thinks that instead of being worried that you are your only resource, you should consider that thought “empowering.”


Torabi thinks that it’s good for her to remember that the tools that she, as an expert for more than a decade, uses on a daily basis are sometimes taken for granted. Not everyone has a 401k or an IRA, and many of us are struggling with debt. When she talks to people who worry about balancing their expenses on a small income and still providing for the future, she likes to tell them to remain flexible and openminded.  “You actually do have the ability to go out there and find your fortune, and work hard, and find resources for yourself and tap into them, and create your own wealth.”


Those of us who have worked minimum wage jobs for an extended period of time may think that Torabi views the world through privileged rose-colored glasses, but she thinks that people need to truly believe in their capability to become wealthy (or find happiness in personal relationships, or succeed in their careers) before they can actually do so. She knows that many may not share her views, but says that for her, wealth and success are firmly rooted in the belief that you can reach them to begin with.