7-Week-Old Baby Blurts Out ‘Hello’ To Her Unsuspecting Mother In This Insane Video

Parents often think their babies are the smartest, prettiest, most precocious children out there, but more often than not this can be chalked up to biological bias. In the case of seven week old baby Evelyn Matthews, however, it might be something more than that.

A few months ago, Evelyn’s mother Sara, who is a lawyer in Newport, South Wales, was taking adorable videos of the baby. While she was filing, she caught her daughter on camera doing something amazing. In the video you can clearly her Sara telling her daughter, “hello” over and over again, and baby Evelyn is struggling to respond.


This isn’t unusual because babies know we’re trying to communicate with them and struggle to mimic the sounds we’re making. What’s truly astonishing, however, is that Evelyn actually succeeds at such a young age! She very clearly says, “hello” back, and we can hardly believe it!

When Sara sent the video to her husband James, he couldn’t believe it! After all, babies this young are not supposed to have any but the most basic control over their tongues, mouths, and vocal cords. Most people will chalk it up to plain coincidence, but we think Evelyn really is that precocious!


After all, she also rolled over for the first time at three months old – also an early accomplishment! We can’t wait to see what’s next for baby genius Evelyn and her bemused but very proud parents!