Oreo Comes Out With New Candy Bar Just In Time For The Holidays

Lately it seems like Oreo cookies come in every flavor known to man. From the magically wondrous mint and cookie dough crunch flavor to the eclectic Peeps and Swedish Fish flavors, the classic cookie company probably makes something for you. But what if you want something that tastes like a cookie but has the feel of a candy bar? Well until now the world has had nowhere to turn, but all that changed with the recent partnership with European candy company Milka to make candy bars!

They announced not one but TWO kinds, and we have to say that both candy bars sound delicious! The first is the Milka Oreo Big Crunch Candy Bar, which will be a mouthful in more ways than one! It’s a reverse Oreo bar in that the cookie is the center, the classic Oreo creme sandwiches that, and then the whole thing is wrapped in creamy milk chocolate. The best part is, this bar hits shelves in just a week!

The second will be coming out sometime in January but sounds no less delectable! It’s the Milka Oreo Chocolate Bar, and it is a softer bar made of Oreo creme that has bits of chocolate wafer in it, which is then wrapped in that same amazing Milka chocolate!

If you think these sound like a sweetness overload, you might be wrong. Initial reports from taste testers are saying that the bars are like having a traditional Oreo cookie with a glass of milk, but only portable! We can’t wait to try these in the weeks to come! YUM!