Baby Is Older Despite Being Born After Twin Brother

Siblings usually tend to pick the weirdest things to fight about. With twins, it’s not uncommon to squabble about who is older, and thus holds more power over the “younger” twin. For a couple of Cape Cod babies, this debate is going to be one for the ages.

Cape Cod couple Emily and Seth Peterson welcomed two healthy twin boys into the world recently. Both boys are happy, healthy, and thriving, but there is one odd detail that still needs to be worked out. The first baby boy, Samuel, was born on November 6 at 1:39am. Not a particularly unusual time for a baby to be born, except that it is 21 minutes away from the end of Daylight Savings Time.


This caused particular confusion when the second twin. Ronan, was born 31 minutes later. And, 31 minutes later the clocks had changed backwards, meaning that Ronan was born at 1:10am on November 6th. So even though Samuel was born before Ronan, making him the “oldest.” When Ronan was born, the time change had already kicked in, making him older “on paper.”


While some birth times and occurrences are popular, like New Year’s babies, this is a pretty rare one. One of the maternity nurses present for the birth, Deb Totten, confirmed that in her 40 years as working as a maternity nurse, she had never encountered such an odd situation.