Keep Your Home Safe From Burglary This Holiday Season By Taking These Precautionary Steps

As the holidays approach, you may be starting to plan not just your holiday shopping, but also your holiday travel plans. Whether you’re heading out of town for a week to visit family, or for a quick romantic getaway before the holiday craziness sets in, November and December can be very popular travel times. With so many people out of their homes, this also makes November and December popular home burglary times.


As you head out this holiday season to travel, don’t leave one of your kids at home to protect the house, but instead be wise about when you leave. Burglars who are looking for easy houses to break into look for specific red flags that show a house’s tenants are away. Apart from installing a home security system and paying subscription fees, it can be hard to ever prevent someone who really wants to break into your home, but by making sure to do a couple easy things, you can certainly help deter the opportunistic burglar.

Don’t Leave Valuables Near Windows

First, make sure that if you leave, you don’t leave any valuables in sight of windows. Don’t leave your blinds way open so that passersby can see your brand new TV or gaming system. Catching an easy glimpse of something valuable may be the first thing that a potential thief may notice.

Avoid Letting Mail Pile Up


Try to prevent mail or flyers from piling up outside your house, as this makes it very apparent that no one has been there for days to pick things up. If you have a friend or neighbor who can pick up mail or remove flyers, ask for their help, or arrange a hold on your mail with the Post Office. Make it look like you’re home, even if you’re not by making sure mail isn’t piling up.

Leave A Light Or Two On 

Additionally, consider leaving lights on or buying timers for lights in your home, to make it seem as if someone is turning lights on or off throughout the day or night. Even better, if you have remote home automation, just turn lights or TVs on or off randomly throughout the day with your smartphone!


Consider Buying A Home Surveillance Camera

There are many low cost wifi security cameras on the market today that can be as cheap as $99. You can even check the live stream on your smartphone!


Don’t Leave Your Spare Key In An Obvious Spot

Don’t leave your spare key hidden outside, either in an obvious place or not. Instead, give a spare key to a friend or neighbor that you can go pick it up from after you return.


Avoid Sharing Your Whereabouts On Social Media

Finally, be smart about your travel plans. Try not to broadcast over social media when you will not be home for extended periods of time. Many times, people are burgled by people they know, so play it safe and only use your actual voice, and not your social media voice, to let people close to you that you won’t be home. If you must post to Facebook a picture while you’re out of town, thank your “house sitter,” real or not, for keeping things on lock while you’re away!