Taco Bell Just Opened Their First Ever Cantina On The Las Vegas Strip

Sometimes when you’ve had a rollercoaster of a day, nothing in the world makes you feel better than indulging in some delicious fast food. As Mean Girls so aptly put it: if you want to do something fun, go to Taco Bell.

This month, Taco Bell has decided to go “all-in” and embrace that fun-having side of its brand by announcing that they will be opening a brand new flagship store in the only U.S. city that is over the top cheesy enough to house it: Las Vegas. On November 14th, Taco Bell opened it’s 7,000th store location on the Las Vegas Strip alongside its first ever logo refresh in 25 years with its flagship Taco Bell Cantina.


The Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina is no ordinary Taco Bell. It is the first and so far only store to boast Taco Bell merchandise and clothing, so you can proudly share with the world your desire to “Live Más.” Like you would expect any restaurant in Las Vegas to have, the Taco Bell Cantina also features a Freeze (i.e. slushie) wall with the options to add alcohol, so now you can enjoy your Baja Blast like a real adult. If you feel like branching out, you can also try a Margarita, Cola, Pina Colada, Lemonade, Orange, Cherry, or Blue Raspberry Freeze with your Doritos Loco tacos, too.


Taco Bell’s new flagship store is a step in the company’s plan to grow to be a $15 billion brand and opening an additional 2,000 locations by 2022 by encouraging the company’s growth as a lifestyle brand. “If you’re going to throw a party to celebrate the growth and evolution of your brand, there’s no better place to hold it than Las Vegas,” said Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Taco Bell Corp. “This flagship restaurant is our ultimate expression of the Taco Bell brand and lifestyle.”