Mom Pranks Daughter Into Thinking She Cooked A Pregnant Turkey

Holidays are times for our friends and family to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. There’s no one in the world who we can be ourselves with more than our family, for better or for worse. This is also why it’s dangerous to get family together all in one place at one time because trouble is sure to abound.

Source: YouTube

Hopefully, most of the trouble is good-natured trouble, like this harmless, weird, yet hilarious prank that the family below pull on their sister. In this prank, a calm mom tasks her daughter with helping out with the holiday turkey and asks her to scoop the stuffing out of the turkey before dinner.

Source: YouTube

Calm as ever, mom films her scooping out the stuffing, urging her to hurry up and get the stuffing out. As the girl keeps digging, she realizes there is something else other than stuffing in the cavity of the turkey!

The daughter then pulls out a cornish game hen from the cavity of the turkey, but freaks out thinking they cooked a pregnant turkey! Don’t worry, folks. This girl may be laugh-crying, but the bird obviously wasn’t pregnant – birds lay eggs!