Chipotle Just Got Sued For Labeling Their Chorizo As Only Having 300 Calories

Chipotle just can’t catch a break. The Mexican fast-food joint, which bills itself as a healthy alternative, is embroiled in yet another controversy following last year’s E. coli outbreak. This time a trio of Californian’s are suing Chipotle for falsely advertising that their new chorizo burrito was only 300 calories. Apparently, the number referred to the serving of meat by itself, and the actual burrito is a whopping 1,055 calories total!


That’s a huge difference, but personally we question the sanity of anyone who assumed that anything at Chipotle was that low calorically, especially a burrito. The sign is totally misleading, but also the picture looks way too good to be a meager 300 calories. Still, it’s refreshing to see Chipotle get dinged for the health of their supposedly healthy food. They might be fresh, but they’re not necessarily good for you.

Also, if these three plaintiffs win and if you’ve eaten at Chipotle in the past four years, you may have a settlement coming your way. That’s because they filed a class-action lawsuit covering any patrons of the fresh Mexican grill in that time! We don’t want Chipotle to fail; if it did, where would we get burritos as big as our faces?

However, if this settlement means we have a small amount of cash coming our way, we can buy all the extra guac we want!