The Number Of Calories You’ll Consume On Thanksgiving Will Give You Nightmares

This is the absolute worst time of year to start a diet. Not only does the colder weather make everyone want to curl up with spiced cider and not move until summer comes, it also promotes feasts.

They holidays are basically one big calorie fest until the harsh reality of New Year’s Day makes us look in the mirror and face the results of our lack of self control. So trying to lose weight over the next glorious six weeks are going to be pure hell.

Thanksgiving is the one that kicks them all off, and arguably it’s the worst for our waistlines. Sure, the Christmas season lasts weeks and involves slow snacking of all things peppermint and chocolate. Sure New Year’s is all champagne and spritzers into the wee hours of the night.


But, Thanksgiving kicks off the whole shebang, and it’s a holiday that is based around the idea of gorging yourself. It’s practically un-American to not put yourself into a food coma. How much damage could one day do?


Well, apparently quite a lot! The Calorie Control Council just announced that the average American consumes around 3,000 calories on that day! That doesn’t count leftovers or drinks, apparently, and is staggering when you consider that the daily recommended calories for women is 1,940, and for men it’s only 2,550! That means that one cheat day becomes two, essentially – it’s eating enough calories for two regular, non-diet days! Eek!


The Calorie Control Council provided some helpful hints for how to keep calories down this week, but mainly they recommend moderation. It may seem counter to the Thanksgiving spirit, but it’s probably key to maintaining a trim waistline this winter while also partaking in the festivities!