Instagram’s New Feature Will Make You Completely Forget About Snapchat

If you’re tired about having to switch between all your social media apps, you’re going to be super excited about Instagram Live, which partially launched this week and combines the best features of several platforms, including Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat!


The update includes two new majorly awesome features. The first allows the user to take live video, something like Periscope or Facebook Live, but the video is never saved. You simply swipe right and tap “Start Live Video,” and anyone can watch. People looking for live videos can search for them on the search page, and can leave comments or “hearts” on the ones they’re watching.

Once the person recording is done filming, they close the window and it is gone forever, making it perfect for “exclusive” looks into people’s lives, or for making a video only for people, “in the know.”


The second feature is also pretty close to Snapchat in that it’s pictures that disappear after a short time. In Instagram, it’s called direct messaging, and it allows you to send a private image or video to one specific person or to a specific group of people, and lets you make that image disappear after they look at it. You can check your “direct messages inbox” by swiping left!

The direct messages feature is already out, and Instagram Live should launch in a matter of weeks. All in all, we think this integration is a lovely Christmas present from Instagram!