Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

For being an outdoor creature, it is amazing how much ants like living in your home. You can’t blame them though, your home is awesome! There’s food, water and that roof really helps to protect from all those troublesome elements outside. It it basically an ant paradise. Living with ants on the other hand is the worst, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to evict ants from your life.

  1. If you’re in an outdoor setting like a picnic table, you still don’t have to invite ants to the party. Bring along some extra tupperware or disposable pie tins and place the legs of the table into the containers. Fill the containers with water, and boom! You have an instant ant impenetrable moat!

  2. Don’t leave anything out that an ant might want to get their little legs on. Sounds easy, but seriously, something as little as the sugar left on the lip of a can can bring all the ants out of hiding. So make sure you rise all the deliciousness off the bottles and cans before you place them in your trash bin.
  3. You can make your own ant traps with sugar, water and borax (aka the ultimate ant killer). Make sure to contain your traps in small sealable containers and ensure that they are out reach from pets and and children.
  4. Find the colony the pests are coming from in the first place and eliminate the issue at the source. Of course, if harsh chemicals aren’t your thing, flooding might be. Take your hose and run it for about 10 minutes every day until you no longer see any ant activity.
  5. If daily ant battles aren’t your thing, step up the efficiency with a pot of boiling water and a couple teaspoons of cayenne pepper, and slowly pour the boiling pot over the ant colony.
  6. After you’ve eliminated the ants, it’s time to eliminate all the pheromones they left behind to let their friends know you home was open for business. All you need is a spray bottle with half vinegar half water and get to spraying down anywhere you may have seen ants like baseboards, doorways or any other potential ant super highways.



Go fight the good fight!