How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar carts are a sign of classiness and sophistication. Nothing says “adulting” quite like having a place for your alcohol and all bar accessories that isn’t that one shelf in the back of the pantry by the pasta. However, bar carts can be expensive, and often needlessly so. The following DIY steps prove that you can style and stock your own bar cart for pennies compared to what you would pay for one pre-made, and this way the cart really looks like yours!


  • Choose a surface. So we know what you’re thinking, “Don’t I want a cart?” Well, yes, sure, but you don’t have to be married to the “cart” aspect of your bar. Carts are cool because they’re mobile, and you can easily make one by attaching wheels to a small bookcase or drawer set, but you could also use a table, sideboard, or simply a spare corner of counter space. Design this space however you want. Go classy, go funky, use mirrors or cool contact paper; make it yours!
  • Get rid of all your old, cheap, or ugly liquor. You don’t have to throw it away, but maybe keep it in that sad pantry corner we discussed before. Your new bar cart is a place for fancy liquor you’re not ashamed of.
  • Get some proper bar equipment. This means matching martini shakers, bottle openers, ice buckets and tongs, and glasses. Nice, uniform glasses, made of real glass. You can do it.


  • Decide on a few signature cocktail recipes you want to master and become really, really good at making them. Have the ingredients on stock so you can offer your friends more than just a gin-and-whatever-soda-I-have when they come over.
  • Slice and chop fruit and herb garnishes ahead of time, and then use them as decorations. Keep them out on the cart during a party, and consider typing up the recipes that call for them for a cute, make-your-own set up! Your friends will be impressed by how legit your bar cart is, and you will be too!